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Water EPCC Solutions

With extensive years of experience, WET, together with its sister company, LLC Infra Sdn Bhd, is capable of delivering Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning (“EPCC”) solutions for Water Supply projects which include Dams, Intakes, Water Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations.

Our complete Civil & Structural (“C&S”) and Mechanical & Electrical (“M&E”) capabilities provide Clients with a One Stop Solution Centre leading to better coordination, centralized responsibility, better design, easier integration and lower capital and operational costs due to value engineering of both C&S and M&E works.

WET has undertaken several notable EPCC projects such as the 230MLD (Million Litres per Day) Package 16B Raw Water Treatment Plant for RAPID Petronas Project at Pengerang, Johor, 125MLD Sandakan Water Supply Scheme and the 60MLD Water Supply Scheme to SOGIP, Sipitang for Jabatan Air Negeri Sabah (“JANS”).

230MLD Package 16B Raw Water Treatment Plant for RAPID Petronas Project at Pengerang, Johor.

Water Intakes

WET has vast experience in providing M&E solutions for Intakes and has completed the Semantan Intake, part of the Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project and the largest water intake in Malaysia with a total capacity of 2400MLD, consisting of 3 sets of 18.0m long Motorised Regulating Gates complete with stop logs, 6 sets of 680MLD Bandscreens, 24 sets of 2400mm sq. motorised Penstocks and 252 sets of Sand Ejector System.

WET has also successfully completed and commissioned Intakes such as the 450MLD Intake, Sg. Selangor Phase 2 Stage 1 and Stage 2, the 600MLD Intake, Sg. Semenyih Water Supply Scheme, the 200MLD Intake, KIPC - Dungun Water Supply Project and the 135MLD Intake, Telibong Water Supply Scheme, etc.

Pahang - Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project - 24000MLD Semantan Intake

Water Pumping Stations

WET prides itself as a Pumping Specialist with an experienced in-house design team to optimise pump plant design and selection to ensure optimum pump efficiency and operational costs. We have completed and commissioned over 30 large Raw Water and Treated Water Pumping Plants in Malaysia such as the 110MLD Pump Station, Sg. Muar Melaka Raw Water Transfer Scheme, the 206MLD Pump Station, Sg. Selangor Water Supply Scheme Phase 1 Stage 2 Package E, the 282MLD Pump Station, Sg. Selangor Supply Scheme Phase 2 Stage 2 Package 4, and the 100MLD Pump Station, Jus Dam Melaka Raw Water Supply Scheme.

Part of WET’s track record is the 2400MLD Semantan Pump Station, the largest Pump Station in Malaysia, part of the Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer, which comprises 12 sets of 300MLD verticalised split casing pumps coupled to a vertical 2500kW HT slip ring induction motor.

Sg. Selangor Water Supply Scheme Phase 2 Package 4 (2 x 142MLD 1540kW and 3 x 72MLD 810kW treated water pumpsets)

Water Treatment Plants

WET has vast experience in design, installation and commissioning of water treatment plants (“WTPs”) comprising key mechanical & electrical systems such as chemical preparation & dosing systems and complete water treatment process systems including Flocculation, Clarification & Filtration systems.

WET also offers an in-house engineered tube settlers system that greatly enhances clarification performance, and exceeds water quality standards set by AWWA and MWA for clarified water. WET has successfully completed and commissioned more than 20 WTPs such as the 130MLD Sg. Rasa Water Treatment Plant, Sg. Selangor Water Supply Scheme Phase 3, the 72MLD Sri Gading Water Treatment Plant Stage 2, the 125MLD Segaluid Water Treatment Plant, Sandakan Water Supply Scheme, the 60 MLD Kudat Water Treatment Plant, and the extension of the 172MLD Semangar Water Treatment Plant Package 2.

Kudat 60MLD Water Treatment Plant