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Upgrading & Rehabilitation

WET’s vast experience and track record in water and wastewater enable us to be the leading company in providing upgrading and rehabilitation solutions to existing treatment and pumping plants. Upgrading and Rehabilitation is a complex process that requires careful plant audit analysis of the entire existing system and equipment to identify areas for improvement. Upgrading and Rehabilitation yields vast advantages such as significant increase in plant output capacity with low additional costs, short improvement time, and small foot print where little or no additional land is required.

Some of WET’s notable upgrading projects include the Lambir Water Treatment Plant in Miri from 80MLD to 160MLD and the Batu Kitang Water Treatment Plant from 200MLD to 400MLD. Our rehabilitation track record includes the 450MLD Sg. Langat Treatment Plant in Selangor as well as the 180MLD Old Bertam Treatment Works in Melaka, and the 176MLD Water Treatment Plant in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Rehabilitation of the 180MLD Old Bertam Water Treatment Plant, Melaka - Upgrade of clarifiers with WET tube settlers