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Sewage Pumping Stations

Besides water pumping stations, WET is also involved in Sewage Pumping Stations projects.

WET has successfully commissioned and completed one of the largest Raw Sewage Pumping Stations Scheme for the Federal Government Administrative Centre in Putrajaya. Among the Sewage Pumping Stations in Putrajaya are Sewage Pumping Station PS10 to serve a population Equivalent (“PE”) of 165,000, Sewage Pumping Station PS5 to serve 220,000 PE, and Sewage Pumping Station PS6 to serve 100,000 PE.

100,000 PE Sewage Pumping Station PS6

Sewage Treatment Plant

In addition to water supply, WET has played a key role in the development of wastewater infrastructure in Malaysia, and has been involved in several Sewage Treatment Plant (“STP”) projects for the National Sewage Scheme.

STPs comprise not only mechanical and chemical processes but also involve biological processes. WET has completed, among other projects, the 240,000 PE Kuala Sawah STP and the 300,000 PE Sg. Udang STP, both part of the National Sewage Scheme under JBIC Financing.

Sungai Udang Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant (300,000 PE)