Stormwater Gross Pollutant Traps

WET Cleansall Gross Pollutant Traps are ideal defence against the wide range of pollutant generators that have developed over recent decades. The increase in dwellings, in commercial and industrial activity and ever spreading impervious zones such as car parks and road reserves have led to a huge increase in litter, sediment and oil loads being collected by stormwater.

The WET Cleansall GPT provides simple, effective removal of gross pollutants as well as suspended solids and oils. Designed to treat large flows in-line or end-of-line, the WET Cleansall GPT protects the environment by removing gross pollutants before that reach the ocean, waterways, lakes, or wetlands.

WET Cleansall GPT is a technology licensed by Rocla Limited, one of the largest precast concrete company in Australia. WET Cleansall GPT is being manufactured under licence entirely in Malaysia.

The WET Cleansall GPT has been used extensively in Putrajaya, the country’s new administrative capital. In fact, WET holds the records of having the largest number of GPTs being installed in Putrajaya. The clean state of the man-made lake in Putrajaya is a testimony to the effectiveness of the WET Cleansall GPT.

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Floating Boom Trap

BANDALONG of Australia provides unique floating boom traps for cleaning up flowing rivers whilst making the rivers navigable. By attaching the trap to a motor boat, this device can remove floating litter from still water lakes.

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